full groom services may vary based on size, coat type, and the condition of your dog

Bath & Brush Groom
(would include bath, blowout, brush-out, deshed, paw pads shaved, nail trim, ear cleaning, trimming of paws, and any additional scissor trimming amount and style on request)

Bath and brush prices:

Small/ short haired dogs: $30-40
(examples: Beagle, Jack Russell, Chihuahua, Pug, Labs)
Medium sized dogs: $45-70
(examples: Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, standard Aussie)
Large dogs: $75-135
(examples: Bernese Mountain dogs, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland)

Hair cut groom:

(would include bath, blowout, brush-out, paw pads shaved, nail trim, ear cleaning, full body trim style and length on your request)

Small dogs: $50 (examples shitzu, Maltese, toy poodle)
Medium dogs: $60-65 (examples mini doodle, med poodle)
Large dogs: $70-125 (examples standard poodle, poodle mix's (all kinds of doodles)

walk-in price is 10$ +3 for multiple services for each!

The services offered would be:

  • nail trim
  • anal glands
  • trim face
  • teeth cleaning

Also our add ons to any full groom would be:

  • Foam facial - $5
  • Nail fill - $5
  • Teeth cleaning - $5
  • Nail polish - $10
  • Spa day bundle - $10 (Foam facial, nail file, teeth cleaning)